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How do you pronounce "Choclatique"?


May I customize my order?

While we do offer a dozen pre-selected assortments in each of three box sizes, we do allow—even encourage—you to Build Your Own Box. Please go to our "Build-A-Box" section to customize and save your own personal assortment.

How are my Choclatique Chocolates shipped?

Choclatique carefully packages each order when ordered, and we usually ship the following day via UPS. During warm weather months an additional cold pack is included to keep your chocolate fresh and wonderful. During the hot months of summer we can only ship our products for Next Day Delivery to ensure that they arrive in excellent condition for your enjoyment. We charge accordingly (please see shipping rate schedule). If ever you have a problem with a delivery, please contact customer service at 310-479-3849.

Do you ship to international destinations, including Canada or Mexico?

Not at this time.

Do you offer gift wrapping?

Each box of Choclatique Chocolates is filled to order, safety sealed in our textured chocolate boxes and hand-wrapped with our decorative ribbon. A gift card will accompany your order, if desired. Custom gift wrapping is not available at this time.

Why does Choclatique use a "Q" for the logo?

We wanted a branding icon that was memorable and quickly recognizable, picking up on the "Q" in our name—Choclatique. We wanted a logo that was tasteful and unassuming, and did not take up all the room on the box. Our "Q" is like a target and something that the eye easily goes to and recognizes.

"chocolates out of the box"... but aren't they in a box?

All you have to do is take the first bite and you will soon realize that Choclatique chocolates are unlike any fine chocolates you've ever tasted. It took out-of-the-box thinking to create in-the-box Choclatique Chocolates... they are definitely chocolates out of the box!

Are Choclatique Chocolates available at retail stores?

As an e-tailer, our chocolates are sold online; click, buy and we'll ship your selections to you via UPS. If you're a local Los Angeles customer and would like to pick up your selections, please call our Chocolate Studios at 310-479-3849 to make special arrangements.

Are Choclatique Chocolates available wholesale?

Yes. Qualified accounts with a tax re-sale number are eligible to purchase Choclatique Chocolates on a wholesale basis. Please go to the "Wholesale" section of our website for more information.

Still have a question?

Please visit the "Contact Us" section to send us an email.