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Choclatique by Ed Engoron

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By Ed Engoron
with Mary Goodbody
Running Press (Perseus Books)
Over 170 Chocolate Recipes / Adventure Stories / ChefSecrets / 264 Pages
Hardcover / Full-Color
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Chocolate—luscious, dark brown chocolate! There is no other food so sexy, laden with meaning, mystery, or so rich in history and intrigue than chocolate.

Finally, there is a perfect method for working with chocolate. Don’t worry about heat and humidity. Forget the double boiler. Now, you too can prepare moist and delicious cakes, cookies, pie, tarts, cupcakes, cheesecakes, trifles, and much more. Based on five essential building blocks—simple, foolproof ganaches—are more than 170 luscious recipes perfect for beginner and experienced cooks alike. Forget what you might think about ganache. If you can melt chocolate, you can make a professional tasting ganache and professional quality chocolate desserts whenever you want.

Throughout the book, the author regales the reader with tales of his travels in search of the best chocolate treats the world has to offer, from exploring the Amazon jungle to cooking and dining at the Grand Palace of Thailand to studying at Paris’ famed Cordon Bleu. He has sipped bittersweet, rough-milled chocolate under a jungle canopy in Brazil and has bitten into fresh, creamy chocolate truffles that brought tears to his eyes one snowy Christmas Eve in Belgium. Ed’s experiences are the inspiration for the amazing chocolate creations in Choclatique. Because of the adverse conditions under which he has had to prepare chocolate desserts, he developed a foolproof way to make professional quality chocolate desserts anywhere and every time. Now you can, too.

Ed Engoron is a motion picture and television art director, director, broadcaster, illustrator, author, restaurateur, chef, food consultant and award-winning chocolatier. He has traveled to more than 130 countries in pursuit of the best chocolate. Drawing on this passion for food, art and chocolate, he co-founded Choclatique in 2003, the award-winning, artisan chocolate company that has redefined the world of premium chocolate for Americans. He lives in Los Angeles.

Mary Goodbody is a nationally known writer, consultant and cookbook editor who has worked on more than 65 books. She was a senior editor for Chocolatier Magazine from 1985 until 2002, and wrote the magazine’s first cookbook, Glorious Chocolate. She lives in Fairfield, Connecticut.


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Product Reviews

  1. OMG... I Am Cooking My Way Through The Whole Book!

    Posted by JTP + LPA on 3rd May 2013

    I am on pp 163 Faultless Souffle. Just add it to my hips. The best chocolate book ever. It is easy and my boy friend and I are having a blast. LOL

  2. A Book That Cooks

    Posted by Ellen Folkman, Tampa Bay Times on 21st Feb 2012

    GENERALLY SPEAKING: With a name like Choclatique, this cookbook sounds as if it is for an expert home cook. Not so. While many of the recipes have very long ingredient lists and multiple steps, there really aren't any difficult techniques. Because there are so many steps, be sure to read through each recipe before beginning. Some require chilling for a lengthy period of time.

    FOR: Chocolate lovers. Every single recipe uses either milk, white or dark chocolate and one of the five ganaches found in Chapter 5. Chapters include recipes for cookies, cakes and cupcakes, cheesecakes, pies and tarts, and candies. Two of the best chapters are "Chocolate in the Morning" and "Chocolates Out of the Box." They include very unusual recipes.

    RECIPES: Tres leches chocolate cake, ultimate white chocolate cheesecake, frozen chocolate mousse meringue pot pie, white chocolate fresh strawberry ice cream, chocolate almond butter toffee crunch.

  3. One of 5 Must-Have Cookbooks for the Modern Chef

    Posted by Laura Williams, SheKnows.com on 28th Nov 2011

    For the chef who loves dessert!

    All chocolate-lovers beware! The Choclatique cookbook by Ed Engoron provides a mouthwatering display of 150 decadent desserts all featuring creamy, smooth chocolate. While some may argue that a cookbook dedicated solely to chocolate isn’t a "must have" — they'd be wrong. Every modern chef needs a few surprises up her sleeve and serving Spicy Chocolate Swirl Cakes, 3D Chocolate-filled Pancakes or Show-stopping Chocolate Pasta is sure to do the trick. Plus, the book looks good enough to eat, so you can leave it on your coffee table to enhance your guests' cravings.

    Live longer with dark chocolate

  4. A Chocolate Culinary Roller Coaster Ride Around The World

    Posted by Gary Guittard / President, Guittard Chocolate Company on 22nd Apr 2011

    Ed Engoron is fearless in his pursuit of chocolate flavor thrills. His spirit of adventure infuses his inventiveness when it comes to building a dessert whether it’s an American classic or a French delicacy. The combination of flavors he uses to take chocolate to a new level seems endless. In his book Choclatique, he takes us on a culinary roller coaster ride around the world of desserts from San Francisco, Rio, Tokyo, Paris, Rome and more tingling our pallets till tears flow. If you like to play in the kitchen and whether or not you have skill there is something in Ed Engoron’s Choclatique for you and for everyone.

  5. Impressive, Expertly Written for Home & Professional Alike

    Posted by Richard Callebaut / Sales Delegate & Applications Advisor, Barry Callebaut Chocolate Company on 22nd Apr 2011

    While reading through the Choclatique book I was impressed by the variety of recipes with so many different chocolate applications for desserts, breakfasts and even soups and drinks. It is pleasantly and expertly written with easy and more difficult recipes that tempt the amateur and the expert cook to try out many of the recipes immediately. The procurement information at the back of the book is a very good and useful aid.

    Congratulations to Mr. Engoron...

    Richard Callebaut / Sales Delegate & Applications Advisor

  6. Inspiring, Knock-Out Desserts For Chocolate Lovers

    Posted by Tish Boyle / Cookbook Author and Dessert Blogger on 22nd Apr 2011

    The Choclatique Cookbook delivers an inspiring collection of knock-out desserts for chocolate lovers, and it’s also a fascinating read. Ed Engoron has traveled all over the world in search of the best chocolate, and the stories of his far-flung adventures are as engaging as his recipes. For a chocophile, it doesn’t get much better than this.

  7. Desserts Anyone Can Make and Look Like A Professional

    Posted by Jeffrey Dryfoos / Publisher Dessert Professional Magazine on 22nd Apr 2011

    I have known Ed as a Chocolatier and now see him as an author. This, his first book, is an excellent addition to anyone's kitchen library. For those who do not make dessert at home, well you are in for a real treat. Ed makes dessert something that anyone can now achieve.

  8. Ambitious, Impressive and Clever

    Posted by Barbara Fairchild / Culinary Authority on 22nd Apr 2011

    An ambitious, impressive cookbook with a clever premise: Using easy-to-make ganache as the basis for a range of all kinds of delicious chocolate desserts. What's not to love?

  9. A Tour de Force and An Essential Addition To Every Cook’s Library.

    Posted by Melinda Lee / Food New CBS Radio on 25th Mar 2011

    The Choclatique Cookbook will surprise you. It contains some of the most interesting and innovative, and absolutely delicious, chocolate recipes that you’re likely to find anywhere…but of equal value is the depth and breadth of the clearly presented information about chocolate from its history and production methods to “the care and welfare of chocolate” to sidebars and chefs secrets that will delight every cook. The recipes are based on 5 simple building blocks that insure a stable result - and there are lots of how-to’s that are wonderfully helpful, as well as gorgeous full-color photographs.. Ed Engoron has produced a tour de force that will become an essential addition to every cook’s (and chocolate lover’s) library.

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