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Fund Raisers

Choclatique Fund Raisers Are Incredibly Successful!

4 Incredible Reasons to Have a Fund Raiser through Choclatique:

1. It's incredibly FUN for everyone!

No more getting drenched washing cars, no more burnt fingers baking for bake sales and no more sending your kids out into the neighborhood peddling donuts.

2. It's incredibly EASY!

You pick the date and we'll take care of the rest! We will deliver our incredibly delicious, artisanal chocolates to the people on your purchase list.

3. It's incredibly REWARDING!

We'll donate 15% of the net proceeds to your organization. Fund Raisers through Choclatique are great for schools, PTAs, sports teams, churches, community groups and youth organizations. Your organization will get credit for all properly coded sales on the day of the Fund Raisers.

4. It's incredibly SCRUMPTIOUS!

We offer a broad selection of freshly made, hand-crafted, great tasting, high quality, chocolatier-prepared, Choclatique chocolate confections and related chocolate products.


So, Here's How to Do It

  • Sample Fund Raising Flyer Register Online with our Online Registration Form.
  • Decide on a date—we’ll give a 24-hour day of your choice. Your event date and time will be “confirmed” when you receive your own Fund Raiser Event Purchase Code. img-fundraiser-flyer-sample.png
  • Once you set the date, we will provide you with a sample format e-flyer (Image on right) detailing your event.
  • Tell as many people as you can—the more people that participate, the more we're able to donate back to your organization. Hand out or e-mail flyers to as many people as possible in the weeks before your scheduled fund raiser. The Event Number is required with each order at check out to receive credit for the Fund Raiser.
  • All you have to do is sign in to our website and insert your Event Number, have a lot of fun, enjoy your Choclatique chocolate order check out, and tell us whom to make the check out to!
  • Within two weeks, we’ll send you your check!


A Couple of Quick Fund Raising Tips

  • Complete your organization's Fund Raiser flyer at least 3 weeks in advance of your confirmed scheduled event.
  • Send out an e-mail blast.
  • Insert a Fund Raiser flyer in a weekly newsletter.
  • Announce the Fund Raiser and attach a downloadable Fund Raiser flyer on your organization's website.
  • Attach a Fund Raiser flyer in an e-mail to your office, family and friends. Be careful not to “SPAM” people; follow the law.
  • Contact the local newspapers. They're always looking for great stories and information on charitable events.
  • Use the "Bully" pulpit! Announce your Fund Raiser over PA systems, reminding people about the event.
  • Promote your Fund Raiser on marquees or in bulletins.
  • Send your Fund Raiser information to the local radio and television stations.


Thank you for working with Choclatique to help raise money for your organization.

Working together we can make a difference.


To complete the Event Registration process, please download a W-9 form, complete the form and e-mail or fax it to us at 310-479-8448.