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ChefSecret 8

ChefSecret #8—Page 223 - Not Overmixing Batter


Welcome to the Chocolate Studio.  I’m Ed Engoron, the ChocolateDoctor, author of Choclatique and the co-founder of the chocolate company of the same name.  

After all was said and done you were very upset because your muffins came out oh so very tough and dense. Please don’t blame the author.  You must have overmixed the muffin batter.

It’s a natural tendency to mix things until they are smooth and glossy.  For most recipes that is what you want to do.  However, for some recipes it’s a big mistake. Don’t be afraid to attach a little finesse to your game as a baker, whether it be novice or professional.
If your muffin batter was smooth and glossy that means it was over mixed. The next time you make these delicious muffins, mix it to the point that the wet and dry ingredients are just combined but by no means smooth.  In fact, if you have what looks like a lumpy mess in your bowl with bits of flour peeking through, that's when you know you have achieved muffin greatness.

This rule applies to just about all kinds of quick breads like muffins, biscuits, banana bread and zucchini bread.  It also applies to pancake batter. There is nothing worse than a chewy pancake.
If you followed the recipe and did not overmix, I'm betting that you’re now biting into a delicious, moist and tender muffin, with a crunchy, brown, domed top.
Keep in mind, baking is an exact science, so follow your recipes precisely and heed the instructions carefully. Treat them with respect and they will most certainly treat you right.

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