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ChefSecret 5

ChefSecret #5—Page 178 - Frothing Hot Chocolate


Welcome to the Chocolate Studio.  I’m Ed Engoron, the ChocolateDoctor, author of Choclatique and the co-founder of the chocolate company of the same name.  

When you've got a sweet craving and need an instant pick me up, lose yourself in an indulgent hot chocolate froth. This rich, creamy, real chocolate drink will hit just the right spot every time.

You will need to use the steaming wand on your espresso maker.  Let the machine heat up until there is a head of steam.  Melt the ganache in a microwave oven.  Combine all the ingredients for the chocolate drink in a 20 ounce frothing pitcher. Using the wand of your espresso maker begin to steam using an up and down motion to evenly distribute the heat in the pitcher until the hot chocolate mixture nearly doubles in volume.  Gently pour into heated mugs or cups.

This yummy Hot Chocolate Froth uses Dark Chocolate Ganache, but you can use any of the recipes in the Five Basic Ganaches section of this book. Now you and your loved one can snuggle up on the sofa with a good book or serve up a mug of hot chocolate for an after dinner, low caffeine beverage with friends. With only about 110 calories per mug, there is no reason not to make this part of your daily diet. Even light, instant hot chocolate drinks contain well over 100 calories per serving, so make sure you treat yourself to the real thing!

On our Choclatique website you’ll be able to source all of our fine chocolate and baking ingredients for making any of the recipes in Choclatique.
I hope you will become a regular visitor for chocolate information, great Choclatique recipes and products and sharing your chocolaty adventures and experiences with us.  Thanks for scanning in.