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ChefSecret 4

ChefSecret #4—Page 154 - Tempering Eggs 


Welcome to the Chocolate Studio.  I’m Ed Engoron, the ChocolateDoctor, author of Choclatique and the co-founder of the chocolate company of the same name.  

Temper, temper… don’t lose your temper.  No, I’m not talking about one of those adolescent meltdowns.
But that's what you have to remind yourself when you’re mixing a hot liquid into room temperature eggs for stovetop chocolate puddings. Otherwise, you really will have a tantrum when you find you’ve scrambled the eggs and have to start over.

Tempering is one of those techniques that's not difficult, but requires you to be patient and take your time. You need to treat the eggs with respect.  It may feel like an unnecessary step to have to remove some of the hot liquid and gradually whisk it into your cooler egg mixture.  But skipping this step means that the eggs go straight into a scalding, hot liquid unprepared for the high heat. Instead of becoming smoothly incorporated into the liquid and thickening it to a wonderful, creamy custard, the eggs will seize up and curdle.

Here is your perfectly tempered chocolate pudding.  

Tempering chocolate, on the other hand, is a different process that requires even more patience. We'll save that ChefSecret for another day.
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