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ChefSecret 3

ChefSecret #3—Page 94 - Kitchen Torch


Welcome to the Chocolate Studio.  I’m Ed Engoron, the ChocolateDoctor, author of Choclatique and the co-founder of the chocolate company of the same name.  

If you want to give a classic signature, caramelized Brûlée finish to any dessert we suggest using a kitchen torch. These are available at fancy kitchen gadget stores or at Target on-line for $30 to $40.  It is a compact version of the ones used by pastry chefs. Its adjustable flame also comes in handy for melting grated cheese and browning meringues and the tops of tarts.

A kitchen torch even makes fast work of blackening the skins of fresh peppers, chilies and tomatoes. After they have cooled, peel off the skins and dice the tomatoes to use in this piquant salsa.

If don’t have a kitchen torch handy and you’re not related to a plumber who has a blow torch, you can use the broiler in your oven as a substitute.  You want to place the ramekin about 3 inches from the heat source for about 2 minutes or until the sugar starts to caramelize.  You will need to watch it closely so that it doesn’t liquefy the Brûlée or burn the sugar topping.

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