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ChefSecret 2

ChefSecret #2—Page 77 - Using Freezer Bags To Pipe

Welcome to the Chocolate Studio.  I’m Ed Engoron, the ChocolateDoctor, author of Choclatique and the co-founder of the chocolate company of the same name.  

I go to great lengths to find short cuts when it comes to cleaning up in the kitchen. That’s why I no longer use the old-fashioned coated linen pastry or piping bags.  
They’re difficult to clean and in many cases leave a sour smell even when washed with very hot water.  I found that using plastic, disposable pastry bags saves time and doesn’t add any unwanted flavors to my delicate creams and frostings. 

These bags come in several sizes and can easily be found in most cake and confection supply stores. I also found that a great substitute for a pastry bag is something you can easily find in your own kitchen—a ZipLock or Glad Bag that has the seal at the top.  The seal prevents the creams or frostings from leaking out the top.  I suggest using the firmer freezer bags for this purpose.  

You can still use any of your pastry tips the same way you would in the linen bags.
When you’re ready to pipe, simply cut the tip off the bottom edge of the bag and use as you would your old-fashioned pastry bag.  The best part is the clean-up. There isn’t any. Toss ‘em away and spend the time doing more productive things in the kitchen.
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