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Election Sweets


Election Results Sweet Enough To Swallow
Capitol Collection

bluedonkey-1-2-copy.gifredelephant-1-2-copy.gifEvery four years we celebrate being Americans by exercising our right to vote in our national election. Choclatique is where Democrats and Republicans come together and unite with chocolaty, bipartisan goodness.

We have created a special celebration of America in keeping with this election season with our hand-decorated, artisan Capitol Collection of red Elephant and blue Donkey truffles. Each luscious truffle is filled with our soft, creamy, dark chocolate ganache. Our cross-party collection has enhanced our perfect American union—established upon principles of Peace, Freedom, Equality, Justice, Liberty and the Love of Chocolate for all.

The perfect choice to treat or torment your political rivals and allies, and a must-have for the upcoming convention parties.