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Baking Mixes

Rich, decadent chocolate and freshly-baked desserts go hand in hand with Choclatique’s baking mixes.

They are a delicious and simple solution for fresh-baked “goodies.” Whether you are a tried and true cupcake fanatic, or you can’t go a day without your fix of brownies or chocolate chip cookies, our Authentically-American chocolate bakery mixes make baking failure-proof with these all-in-one blends that will have you enjoying your favorite treats in no time.

Each mix is blended with our award-winning crushed premium Private Reserve Dark Chocolate (64%) and requires only water, eggs, and shortening to create heavenly baked desserts. These mixes are super easy to use truly indulgent and the end result is a perfectly delicious result without any fuss.

It’s time to smell the chocolate!

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